Riadiaci pracovníci (manažéri) v priemysle

Povolanie: výrobný riaditeľ/výrobná riaditeľka , Riadiaci pracovníci (manažéri) v priemyselnej výrobe
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za mesiac

1. 2. 2024

Dátum začiatku

Vodičské oprávnenie

- Promote the company to the European market as an established, innovative and successful 

  • Rail Parts Design and Manufacturing business. 

  • - Developing market entry strategy through establishing strong relationships with stakeholders
  • OEM’s, Government bodies and prospective customers.
    - Build market intelligence on European Rail Parts Business
    - Gather and feedback to c2i and HQ (Korea), important market information on competitor plans and activities. Identify new short and long term sales opportunities.
    - Establish close and coordinated relationships with the Rail Production Team in Vietnam, colleagues at c2i and UK subsidiary, in order to provide customers with an effective level of technical and quality support.
    - Build the company’s logistics system between Vietnam Parts Business and c2i/Europe. 

  • - Work with Marketing for the creation, management and delivery of promotional materials, sales information, and exhibition dates
    - Create and /or supporting the creation of quotes/bids/offers/contracts and managing the relevant negotiation, in line with company’s goals.
    - To foster a strong customer “contact and care” relationship, set regular visits (live or virtual) at key customers and provide relevant meeting reporting and analysis.

  • c2i s.r.o.
    4000€ /za mesiac
    c2i s.r.o.
    Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

    Riadiaci pracovníci (manažéri) v priemysle

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